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Basic Uniform Regulations

Headress: Free of fluff/other material. Excess material to be pulled over the right ear.
Hair: Males: should be neat and well trimmed.
Females: should be secured back neatly into a bun with net, bands and grips.
Jumper: Shoulder/elbow pads ironed flat. Fabric to be free of fluff and shaven if necessary.
Shirt: Creases to be ironed in on sleeves from centre of epaulette to the cuff.
Pockets should not be deformed in anyway.
Sleeves to be rolled neatly when on shorts sleeve order.
Brassard: Worn on the right arm with badges correctly positioned and fastened securely.
When worn on short sleeve order brassard should NOT be tucked into sleeve.
Skirt: To be of mid-knee length and ironed flat. To be worn with 15 denier barely black tights.
Trousers: To be worn with creases pressed in front and back extending full length of each leg.
To be worn with RAF blue-grey belt with polished buckle or with RAF Stable Belt.
Shoes: Black shoes should be highly polished. Laces to be straight across shoe.
Make Up: Discreet, if any. Nail polish, if worn, should be of neutral colours.
Jewellery: Only RAFBF, RAFA, RAFA Youth and Help for Heroes wristbands may be worn - these MAY NOT be permitted on formal parade or inspections. Only females may wear a single pair of plain studs when in uniform. All other piercings are forbidden and must be removed when in uniform.