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How To Shape Your Beret

Like most items of uniform, you will have to put some work into making the standard issue RAF Beret fit correctly. You can't just plop it on your head and think it will look after itself. If you don't want it to look like a helicopter landing pad you're going to have to shape it to fit your head correctly.

How should the Beret be worn?

  • The beret is worn so that the headband (edge binding) is horizontal across the forehead, one 1 inch (2.5cm) above the eyebrows.
  • The badge must be clearly displayed in a position above the left eye.
  • The excess material is draped over to the right ear, extending to at least the top of the ear, and no lower than the middle of the ear.
  • Females with long hair are required to wear a hair net the colour of which must match their hair colour as closely as possible; alternatively, black or dark blue is acceptable.
  • When worn properly, the beret is formed to the shape of the head, therefore, cadets should not wear hairstyles that cause distortion of the beret.


How To Shape Your Beret

  • Place the beret in on your head with the headband horizontal across the forehead, one 1 inch (2.5cm) above the eyebrows.
  • Pull the headband drawstring tight and tie it off in a square not. DO NOT CUT IT.
  • Take the beret and dunk it in warm (not hot!) water.
  • Once you get it soaking wet, put it on your head and pull the stiff badge mounting over your left eye and smooth the material over your head and pull it down towards your right ear. It should just touch your ear or go just below that.
  • Once you've got it all set, wear it for a while until it's almost dry.
  • Carefully take it off and set it down to dry. You may need to shape it a few times to get it right.
  • Once you're happy with its shape, conceal the excess headband drawstring by tucking it into the edge binding (Do not cut it off as this will prevent future adjustment).
  • Fit your badge onto the mounting and secure it with the split pin.