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Uniform is given to cadets free of charge, only this is on loan whilst cadets remain members of the Air Training Corps. The uniform is the same as the RAF, but with a different cap badge for cadets, and the addition of a brassard to show squadron number and qualifications.

Our main uniform is RAF Blue-Grey (BG) in colour, but generally known just as 'blues'. We also wear camouflage uniform , which is known as 'combats', 'DPMs' (Disruptive Pattern Material) or just plain 'greens'.

Wearing uniform gives you a sense of pride in yourself and your squadron, as well helping to instill confidence and smartness.

Many people in the local area will have difficulty understanding the difference between cadets and airmen of the regular Royal Air Force, so it is vitally important that Air Cadets wear uniform correctly and smartly at all times. Effectively, Air Cadets are the public face of the Royal Air Force in Gloucestershire, so we must ensure that we set the highest standards of turnout and behaviour when on ATC duty. Sloppy uniform and behaviour will reflect badly on us and the RAF amongst the community!

Remember - wear your uniform with Pride!